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Welcome to the home of the IDE Disk Operating System for the IDE64 cartridge!


Custom IDEDOS download web page (2015.Oct.12)
Custom IDEDOS download web page (2013.Dec.12)
Custom download page for all cases, use this!
Please note that when upgrading from 0.8x you have to copy all your files using the file manager to another disk formatted with the new CFS filesystem. The old filesystem is only supported in a slow, readonly mode. Do not create the filesystem with the old format4 tool ("26, WRITE PROTECT ON")! Use CFSfdisk, and please read the IDE64 user's guide for details.
If you experience "Setup ram error" after reverting to IDEDOS 0.8x please remove the battery until the CMOS is erased.
IDEDOS 0.91 beta
Notes and preview of the next version.
IDEDOS 0.90 utils only (2019.May.20)
Contains CFSfdisk12b (partitioner and formatter tool), CFSfsck 0.08b (filesystem check tool), Perom programmer 1.9f (firmware upgrade tool), CD player sample v2, a plugin config sample program, and a relative file copyer example.
The minimal required version of CFSfsck for IDEDOS 0.90 is currently version 0.03c, any older version will corrupt relative files!
IDEDOS 0.90 source
For Linux use the tar.bz2, for win32 the rar version. (same content, just in case, but extracting .tar.bz2 on win32 shouldn't be that hard)
IDEserv 0.29f beta for pclink (source+win32 binary, 2016.Aug.6)
IDEserv 0.24.3 for pclink (source and win32 binaries included, 2014.Sep.18)
XPCLink, PPCLink, SPCLink, EPCLink, UPCLink server. The win32 binaries are compiled for everything. (now that explains the archive size...)
64Tass assembler
Required for IDEDOS compilation. Linux source version. The win32 binary is included with the IDEDOS 0.90 source.
FUSECFS 1.9 (2017.Jul.24)
CFS 0.11 filesystem driver for systems supporting FUSE. (e.g. Linux, FreeBSD). Use it at your own risk. Filename conversion may change in future versions!
64 MiB disk image
Empty 64 MiB test CF card image for VICE.


IDE64 interface cartridge user's guide (pdf, 2019.Feb.24, ca. 1 MB, A5 paper)
Highly recommended for everyone ;-) This one replaces the old html IDE64 manual. If you're using Acrobat reader, then get a new one like version 7, otherwise Type3 fonts will look a bit blocky on screen. (however printing should be fine)
There's also a rearranged version for printing two pages on A4 paper, on request.
CFS 0.11 filesystem
The current filesystem layout used for IDEDOS 0.90


The IDE64 Project site
The IDE64 interface cartridge for C64/C128
IDE64 Information Portal
News from the world of Commodore 64
C64/C128 emulated environ­ment for various platforms. Use 1.13 or later for IDEDOS 0.9x.
IDE64 warez site
IDE64 (fixed) programs archive.
IDE64 mailinglist
The IDE64 mailinglist
C64/C128 I/O performances
Some performance results of various devices
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