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App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
Re­compiler15 KOmikron Re-ass (If you lost your sources, this can regenerate them)Tomas Pribyl
Turbo Assembler Macro +++ IDE6414 KIDE64 demowriter tool (Turbo Assembler Macro adapted to work with IDE64, but it works on a stock machine too)Soci/Singular
Turbo Assembler pro 1.2 +60k IDE6414 KIDE64 demowriter tool (Turbo Assembler adapted to work with IDE64 and +60k, but it works on a stock machine too. Also it's faster than tass v5 and can load it's sources)Soci/Singular
Turbo Assembler v512 KIDE64 demowriter tool (Turbo Assembler adapted to work with IDE64)HackZ0id, Josef Soucek
Turbo Macro Pro Sep'0695 KA feature rich and bugfixed Turbo assembler macro package (


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
BasicAid9.6 KBasic extender from 1984 (Has small problems...)Jason Petersen
Graphic Basic12 KBasic extenderSoci/Singular


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
Contiki 1.294 KThe Contiki Operating System See for more infoAdam Dunkels
Contiki 2.1 and 2.3 for IDE6494 KE-mail, IRC, FTP, WWW client, webserver from the Contiki Operating System tuned for IDE64. See for more infoVarious, Lodger
Novaterm DUART driver v44.9 KDuart driver for NovatermJosef Soucek
geoLink49 KGeolink with loader and Geos patched for running from a .d64 on IDE64Petter Lindquist, ShadowM


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
Fast Cruel v7.05 KA good and fast executeable cruncherSoci/Singular
Super­compressor + linker v19.9 KYet another cruncher with linking capabilitiesSoci/Singular
Unzip64 & Unzip128 v2.1511 KExtracts PkZIP2.xx / InfoZip2.xx & GZIP files on a stock C64 or C128 system!Errol Smith
XTC-Packer v2.42.9 KA fast charpacker ($0200-$FFFF!)Soci/Singular
Gunzip v1.11b42 KGZIP/ZIP decompressor for C64 (Also dissolves compressed D64 images directly into a 154x/7x ! Support for Deflate, Implode, Reduce, Shrink, Store methods!)Pasi Ojala
PuZip v1.13b32 KZIP compressor for C64 & C128 (Also creates and compresses D64/D71/D81 disk images!)Pasi Ojala


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
DrazPaint v2.012 KMulticolor graphics pixelizer.Devil/F4CG, Soci/Singular
DrazLace v1.011 KMulticolor interlace graphics pixelizer.Devil/Noice, Soci/Singular
Font editor v1.25.8 KMultisize font editor (up to 2x4)Cellux/Faces, Soci/Singular
Font editor v3.15.1 KMultisize font editor (up to 2x4)Cellux/Faces, Glenn/Shape, Soci/Singular
Funkpaint 0.45d49 KA multi format editor supporting hires, multi, multicolour interlaced pictures.Soci/Singular
Funpaint II13 KIFLI picture creator tool (beta release)IDE64 staff
GIF Viewer 2.06 KGIF decoder for the C64 (another SCPU optimized program)David Jansen, Soci/Singular
JPY, JPZ v122338 KCOLOUR/GRAYSCALE JPEG decoder for the C64! (cool with an SCPU)Steve Judd, Adrian Gonzales, Soci/Singular
MUFLI editor v1.013 KThe MUFLI editor by Crest.Soci/Singular
Pixel perfect 1.155 KIFLI graphics pixelizer.Clarence/Chorus
Raw2shi38 KNew way of drawing! (Turns raw files to shi format, shi displayer also included)Tomas Pribyl
Super Hires Interlace Editor v1.315 KPicture drawer for 96x200 8 colors modeIDE64 staff
UFLI editor v2.017 KThe UFLI editor by Crest.Soci/Singular


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
D64it & D128it4.1 KConvert D64 files from/to 1541! (A bit slow...)Errol Smith
Read D64 v1.57.8 KExtracts your filez from D64zTomas Pribyl, Josef Soucek
SDparD64 v0.7.45.7 K1541 with parallel cable disk image (d64) creator for IDE64. Home: Dream
Tiny yellow brother13 KTransfer files from MSDOS floppies with a 1581/CMD FD to IDE64!Doreen Horne


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
3001: A Sound Odyssey61 KAnother synthesizer.Trurl/Extend
ATAPI CDROM Driver v0.0421 KListen to music on your CDROM! for IDEDOS 0.8x only!Josef Soucek
Cubic player65 KSID tracker music player (Works like CP on pc, good user interface, identifies lot of players)Taki/NB, Soci/Singular
DMC 5.0, 7.0 and 5.x packers40 KDMC 5.0, 7.0 and 5.x packers (2 versions of the popular Demo Music Creator)Brain/GRF, Soci/Singular
HDD recording v0.103.9 KSound sampler and player (userport digitalizer needed for recording)IDE64 staff
IDE64­cdplay v28.5 KA really nice audio CD player. Home: for IDEDOS 0.90+ only!Schema/AIC
JCH editor v3.0413 KAnother famous music editorJens-Christian Huus, Soci/Singular
MP3@64 player v57.1 KMP3 player for MP3@64 card.Soci/Singular
Mus-ice-player v1.53.3 KRaw data music playerIceball/Motiv8, Soci/Singular
Music­Player v2.59.3 KSID tracker music player (Also including sources!)Tomas Pribyl
Ninja­tracker v1.0529 KA C64 musiceditor with a small & fast (11 rasterlines max.) playroutine & powerful step-programming possibilities for wave/arp, pulse & filter, at the cost of userfriendliness.Cadaver/Covert­Bitops
SID Wizard 1.852 KA native C64 music editor (tracker) toolHermit
SIDplay64 v1.2132 KSID player for HVSC tunes.GRG/Shape
Sequencer V1.015 KMake digitized songs from more patterns! (a bit uncomfortable way...)Josef Soucek
Sound monitor 1.08.8 KAnother well known music editor. for IDEDOS 0.90+ only!Chris Huelsbeck, Soci/Singular
Spinning_Jenny V1.1596 K32 kHz 8-bit drum machine with drum kits.Aleksi Eeben


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
ACE#16 distribution126 KUnix like OS for C64/C128 configurated for IDE64 (IDEDOS 0.89x only)Craig Bruce, Josef Soucek
ACE#16 strings, diff11 KStrings and diff commands for ACE16 (IDEDOS 0.89x only)Josef Soucek
LUnix 0.22pre75 KThe LUnix operating system See for more infoDaniel Dallman, YTM
Wings-Unix like OS for SCPU. See for more info. for IDEDOS 0.8x only!Jolse Maginnis & others
GEOS driver 11.09.200412 KUse a whole disk by GEOS 64 as many 16Mb partitions. See for more infoYTM
Dreamload 2.6 20110325193 KIRQ loader system that supports IDE64, 1541/71/81, and CMD HD/FD More info at http://www.the-dreams.deDoc Bacardi/Dreams, Ninja/Dreams, Soci/Singular
Covert­Bitops Loader­system V2.249 KIRQ loader system that supports IDE64, 1541/71/81, and CMD HD/FD More info at Öörni and others


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
ARK plugin1.9 KArk archive extractor pluginSoci/Singular
Animplayer v0.3 plugin88 KA 4x4 animation player as manager plugin (demo animation, converter and player source available)Josef Soucek
CPIO plugin2.2 KCPIO archive extractor which can create links and directories too.Soci/Singular
CRT plugin1.5 KCRT executor plugin (tries to run cartridge games)Soci/Singular
D64 list 0.121 KD64 extractor and instant loaderFenek/Arise
HVSID player plugin v5e3.7 KToo much free space on your HDD? Copy the HVSID collection on it! (Plays most of SID filez)Soci/Singular
JPEG plugin8 KGrayscale JPEG viewerStephen Judd, Adrian Gonzalez, Soci/Singular
LBR plugin2 KLibrary archive extractor pluginSoci/Singular
LNX plugin2 KLYNX archive extractor pluginSoci/Singular
MP3 plugin v0.64.9 KMP3 player plugin v6 which plays MP3s through MP3@64.Soci/Singular
Plugins25 KLet's make IDEmanager more usefull! (including mpic viewer, SHI, fun viewer and some sources demonstrating plugin write technicks...)Tomas Pribyl, Josef Soucek, Soci/Singular
Singular viewer 0.6a9.4 KA fast 80x24 CBM/ASCII text viewer for big filesSoci/Singular
T64 plugin2.1 KT64 extractor pluginSoci/Singular
TAR plugin1.9 KTAR archive extractor which can create links and directories too.Soci/Singular
Z64 plugin1.7 KDiskpacked ZipCode archive to D64 plugin (for files beginning with 1!...)Soci/Singular
AFLI plugin v22 KAfli editor v2.1 viewerSoci/Singular
AMI plugin v21.6 KAmica paint viewerSoci/Singular
ASM plugin v22.1 KAssembler starter pluginSoci/Singular
DRL plugin v22 KDrazlace 1.0 viewerSoci/Singular
DRP plugin v22 KDrazpaint 1.5/2.0 viewerSoci/Singular
FCP plugin v0.11.7 KFace painter viewerDJ Gruby/Arsenic/Oxyron
FLI plugin v22 KFli designer 2.0 viewerSoci/Singular
Font Viewer plugin V0.24 KDisplays font filesDJ Gruby/Protovision/TRIAD
FUN plugin v22.3 KFunpaint II viewerSoci/Singular
HPIC plugin v21.8 KArt Studio v1.1 viewerSoci/Singular
ID64 v0.7b23 KConvert D64/D71 files from/to 1541/1571, and D81, D1M, D2M and D4M to 1581/FD! The fast way.Soci/Singular
IFLI plugin v22.1 KGunpaint viewerSoci/Singular
KLA plugin v21.6 KKoala painter viewerSoci/Singular
MPIC plugin v21.8 KArt Studio v1.2b viewerSoci/Singular
Music player plugin V0.14.4 KPlays binary music filesDJ Gruby/Protovision/TRIAD
Pixel perfect plugin v11.9 KPixel perfect displayer for the graphics editor by Clarence/Chorus.Soci/Singular
SHF plugin v22.4 KSuper hires interlace fli viewerSoci/Singular
SHI plugin v22.1 KSuper hires viewerSoci/Singular
VD64 plugin 0.034.9 KD64, D71, D81, T64 virtual filesystem for manager. for IDEDOS 0.90+ only!Soci/Singular
VD64 plugin 0.1617 KD64, D71, D81, T64, DFI virtual filesystem for manager. for IDEDOS 0.91 beta only!Soci/Singular
VI65 0.254 KA VI clone for 6502 processors, also as a manager pluginSoci/Singular
ZIP plugin V322 KZIP and GZip extractor plugin (GunZip adapted and stripped down for manager)Pasi Ojala, Soci/Singular


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
CFSfdisk v12b12 KThe CFS 0.11 partitioner and filesystem creator for IDEDOS 0.90+ only!Soci/Singular
CFSfsck v8b6.6 KThe CFS 0.11 filesystem checker and repair tool (also displays filesystem usage statistics) for IDEDOS 0.90+ only!Soci/Singular
DriveFree v0.21.6 KThiz utility calculates your stuffz size. (Usefull to check if there is still some space left on a drive) for IDEDOS 0.8x only!Soci/Singular
HDD access speed test v0.13.5 KThiz utility measures your HDD's access speed. IDE64 v2.x and V3.x only.Tomas Pribyl
IDE64 disk editor v12.5 KIDE64 disk editor for IDEDOS 0.9x (Works on all devices supported by IDEDOS 0.9x) for IDEDOS 0.90+ only!Soci/Singular
IDEformat v0.42.3 KThe best app for deleting your filez in no time! (Also usefull for creating IDE64 filesystem on a new HDD) for IDEDOS 0.8x only!Tomas Pribyl
IDE­monitor v0.203.1 KCool h4cking tool! (Also usefull for editing sectorz, changing filenames, etc.) IDE64 V2.x and V3.x only.IDE64 staff
IDE­monitor v0.212.8 KUpdated HDD editor. (CHS and HDD only) IDE64 V4.1 only.IDE64 staff
Mem­freezer v0.0684.5 KThis will freeze your memory! (Good when doing programming work, it can restore memory $0C00-$FFFF). In IDEDOS 0.9x the freeze function in monitor works better...HackZ0id
Perfmon v0.34.8 KThiz utility calculates your HDD's loading speed.Tomas Pribyl, Josef Soucek, Soci/Singular
Perom programmer v1.9f5.9 KIDEDOS update tool (disk and pclink)Soci/Singular
Scandisk v0.73.8 KIf there's something wrong, it can help... for IDEDOS 0.8x only!Tomas Pribyl
IDE64 shell 0.650 KThe IDE64 shell utilities for IDEDOS 0.90+ only!Soci/Singular


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
Copy1.2 KCool app for tape fanz! (Turbo tape 250 to IDE copier)Tomas Pribyl


App nameSizeDescriptionWarez by
64'er htmlreader13 KA textmode HTML viewer (aka. FairligHTML)Magnus Nyman, Soci/Singular
Easy Script11 KA text editor.Soci/Singular
AAY1541 0.22 v1146 KThe AAY1541 online documentation browsable on a C64.Ninja/The Dreams, Soci/Singular
AAY64 0.64 v2242 KThe AAY64 online documentation browsable on a C64.Ninja/The Dreams, Soci/Singular
AAY1581 0.13 v1262 KThe AAY1581 online documentation browsable on a C64.Ninja/The Dreams, Soci/Singular
svicc4.4 KVI for the C64! More information at Miller, Cameron Kaiser

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