A game for your C64/C128/SCPU

Wellcome to the page of a new upcoming game developed by The Singular Crew. This page was made to inform you about the game and the latest news of development.

Yes, Grubz is yet another attempt to create a decent Worms™ style game for our aging Commodore 64. The goal is not to copy everything from other platforms, but to implement an optimal solution for the available hardware, so expect differences in gameplay.

Grubz runs on stock C64/C128 with 1541. Both PAL and NTSC video standards are supported. Of course we do not forget to support the latest and greatest hardware expansions:

For the smoothest gameplay we recommend the use of SuperCPU.


Still to do:

The Forever 5 preview includes 3 levels, c64/keyboard/joystick players, and bazoka only. No wind. It's SCPU version, works a bit slower on C64/128 than optimal (no illegal opcodes or 2MHz). The 0th level is converted and not original, only included for the preview.

Download the Forever 5 party preview here:

The Forever 6 party preview will be released soon, after fixing the networking bugs...

The full game will be distributed by Protovision. (and probably by some cracker groups...)


2005. Apr. 6.