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.:[ Newz ]:.

2019.10.30:Gemini Wing, Strider added.
2019.09.29:IDEserv 0.30c, IDEserv 0.30c updated.
2019.09.09:Budokan, Forgotten Worlds updated. X-Out, ICC 2013, ICC 2016, ICC 2018 added.
2019.09.08:Air Combat Emulator added. Championship Wrestling updated. ICC 2014 added.
2019.07.19:Crazy Cars 2, Enforcer, Scooby & Scrappy Doo added. Shinobi updated. Summer Games I & II, Valentino added.
2019.05.20:CFSfsck v8b updated.
2019.02.06:Platoon added.
2019.02.03:Law of the west, The Castles of Doctor Creep updated.
2019.01.15:Card sharks, Cool croc twins, Indy Heat updated. Smash TV added.
2018.12.06:Project Spacestation added.
2018.10.24:Apollo 18 updated. Roadwar Europa, The Mars Saga added.
2018.06.06:Ace of aces updated.
2018.06.03:Powerboat USA updated.
2018.05.11:R-Type updated.
2018.04.30:Cabal, International Karate Ultimate Competition Edition, Navy Moves, Psycho Soldier added. Robocop updated.

.:[ Notez ]:.

Thiz site is for IDE64 fanz. If you're searching 4 pcwarez, you are here at wrong place.

Site is designed to be similar to pc warez sites, but here aren't any XXX bannerz, nor too many not working linkz ;-) Only pure IDE64 stuffz I could get my hand on. If you know more IDE64 related/compatible programz, search for my e-mail here. (Soci/Singular. And don't bother me with onefiler gamez ;-) ).

CMD believerz can try these programs too, most of them are compatible with that hardware too. (or not... but who cares ;-) )

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