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.:[ Newz ]:.

2023.01.28:Beach head 2 updated.
2023.01.25:Knight 'n' Grail updated.
2023.01.15:Perom programmer v2.0a updated.
2023.01.14:IDEserv 0.35d, IDEserv 0.35d updated.
2022.12.17:Attitude 14, Attitude 15, Attitude 16, Attitude 17, Attitude 18, Attitude 19, Attitude 20 added.
2022.12.12:Klątwa, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Władcy Ciemności, Attitude 13, Samar Music Disk #1 added. Nobby the Aardvark updated.
2022.12.09:Caren, Daffy Duck, Hessian, Slicks added.
2022.12.03:VD64 plugin 0.17 updated.
2022.11.13:Mahjongg, Mean Streets, Outrage, Planet-X v2.1, The Shadow Over Hawksmill V2, Soulless, Wormhole, Attitude 21, Megapetscii, Overshadow 37 added. Puzzle Bobble v1.21, Ultima I. updated.
2022.10.16:Frankenstein, Koronis Rift, Attitude 10, Attitude 11, Attitude 12, Attitude 5, Attitude 6, Attitude 7, Attitude 8, Attitude 9 added.
2022.06.17:Pro Patria, The Funeral added.
2022.02.12:Ninja Carnage, Ninja Carnage (French), Ninja Carnage (German), Ninja Carnage (Greek), Ninja Carnage (Italian), Ninja Carnage (Polish), Ninja Carnage (Spanish), Top-Hole Golf, Wheel Of Fortune, Overshadow 31, Overshadow 32, Overshadow 33, Overshadow 34, Overshadow 35, Overshadow 36, Overshadow Origins added.
2021.11.28:Patto's Music Collection added.
2021.09.12:Attitude 4 added.
2021.08.29:Funkpaint 0.45d, SID Wizard 1.8, Spinning_Jenny V1.1, Juanje Juega in Sinverland, Mastertronic Collection, Percentage Panic, Planet Balls added. SIDplay64 v1.21, 8bit Slicks, The Queen's Footsteps, Wasteland updated.

.:[ Notez ]:.

Thiz site is for IDE64 fanz. If you're searching 4 pcwarez, you are here at wrong place.

Site is designed to be similar to old-school pc warez sites, but here aren't any XXX bannerz, nor too many not working linkz ;-) Only pure IDE64 stuffz I could get my hand on. If you know more IDE64 related/compatible programz, search for my e-mail here. (Soci/Singular. And don't bother me with onefiler gamez ;-) ).

CMD believerz can try these programs too, most of them are compatible with that hardware too. (or not... but who cares ;-) )

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